M-Coins are the in-game currency used to buy items.


How to Obtain M-Coins

Attendance Rewards:

The "7 DAYS ATTENDANCE REWARDS" resets weekly.

Screenshot 2017-05-06-15-59-43
  • Day 1 gives 1,000 M-Coins
  • Day 5 gives 1,500 M-Coins

Completing Songs in Training Room:

M-Coins can be obtained by completing a song on any difficulty and speed. The amount of M-Coins received ranges from around 100 to 300 depending on the difficulty of the song and how well the player did.

Last Stop in a District (Special Performance Stage):

Completing at least one song in a district will guarantee M-Coin rewards. Each song completed will give around 500 to 1,750 depending on the district.

Completing a District:

After completing a district, go to the Roadshow's main screen and click on the completed district. There should be a golden present at the top left of the small screen. Receiving this present will give 5,000 M-Coins along with diamonds and Manager Experience.

Completing Quests:

Main Quests are unlocked at certain Manager levels.

**Table not yet complete**
Quest Title Manager Level Task Reward
Artist Contract 5 Sign 1 Artist 100 EXP and 1,000 M-Coins
T.O.P's Secret Strategy 15 Use Advanced Contract Folder 300 EXP and 2,000 M-Coins

Participating in Events:

Game events are available for a limited time. Depending on the event, rewards such as M-Coins can be received after completing the event missions.

How to Use M-Coins

  • M-Coins are needed for Upgrading, Evolving, and Promoting cards.
    • Upgrading a card costs 500 M-Coins per material card used.
  • Certain items in the shop can be purchased with M-Coins
    • Regular Contract (x5) - 12,000 M-Coins
    • 1 Star EXP cards (x10) - 4,000 M-Coins

How to Purchase M-Coins

M-Coins can be purchased through the shop with diamonds.

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  • 5,500 M-Coins - 50 Diamonds
  • 11,00 M-Coins - 100 Diamonds
  • 27,500 M-Coins - 250 Diamonds
  • 55,000 M-Coins - 500 Diamonds
  • 110,000 M-Coins - 1,000 Diamonds
  • 275,000 M-Coins - 2,500 Diamonds