Evolution Material are items that can be used for evolving cards.

How to Obtain Evolution Material

Completing Schedules

The most common way to get evolution material is through completing schedules. Rewards include:

  • Artist LOGO Cap (x1) - Always
  • Artist LOGO T-Shirt (x1) - Common
  • Artist LOGO Key Ring- Uncommon
  • YG Artist Member Evolution Material - Uncommon

Completing the Special Performance Stage

In Districts: Seocho, Gangnam, Gwangjin, and Seongdong, an Evolution Material can be received when completing the last songs of the Special Stage, but it is not guaranteed.

How to Use Evolution Material

Go to your Management, click on the Evolution tab, and select a MAX level artist to evolve. The material needed will be shown. Once the evolution material is obtained, select a material artist too feed the card to be evolved and click on EVOLUTION.

How to Purchase Evolution Material

Evolution Material can be purchased through the shop with diamonds.